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Joe Budden refuses to review Eminem’s new song “Houdini”



Eminem / Joe Budden

In the latest episode of Joe Budden Podcast, the crew discussed Eminem’s latest chart-topping single “Houdini,” from his upcoming 12th solo studio album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce). At the start of the clip, Joe Budden refused to comment on the song, saying: “Y’all review Em. I ain’t…I don’t like nothing of it.”

From there, Officially Ice starts: “I don’t like this song. I’m just going to start there. With that to the side, I think I see what he’s trying to do with the album being The Death of Slim Shady and with the way the song is kind of like homage to old records. It almost sounds like spoof of old him. Even the way record starts, everything. Again, I’m not a fan of any of these. The video, he’s got Robin suit on some scenes, he got Dre in there. It’s old Slim Shady. With the album being called the death of Slim Shady I could see this being act one into the album of the killing of Slim Shady. I see he’s gong somewhere with it. So I’m not mad. I ain’t judging this. I just don’t like the song and it’s just going to sit over there.” he said.

Then he continued: “That artwork, that style, he has used for Curtain Call 2, similar, that’s in line with that. The whole Houdini, for my next trick, he’s playing this magician thing, you know, pulling rabbit out of hat. I think all these are tying into a larger picture of the album. So, I’m not really gonna judge anything based off of this. And I think he’s intentionally doing this. He wants people to overreact to this. I think the Meg line in there that everybody going crazy is part of the whole Slim Shady cause that’s what he’s known for. I think, he’s going to give us little bit of the dark Slim Shady, this animated cartoony Slim Shady and then go into kind off of the last album and the one before that. Music To Be Murdered By, Kamikaze, where it was real rap and it was good music on there. People are just tired of Em so they didn’t hear it. I think he’s telling a story with this album and going to end of Slim Shady and then give us Marshall.”

You can watch the podcast below: