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Joe Budden talks if he would ever reconcile with Eminem



Joe Budden / Eminem

During a recent episode of Joe Budden Podcast the crew talked about the video CNN obtained of P. Diddy assaulting Cassie as well as his subsequent apology. Melyssa then calls Psychology Professor & Family Therapist Mercedes Coffman to discuss domestic violence and the aftermath as it pertains to both the abuser and victims. Also, the room reacts to Cam’ron’s appearance on CNN, Terrance Howard joins the Joe Rogan Podcast, Apple Music has continued on with their Top-100 Albums of All-Time list and much more!

At one point of the podcast, Joe Budden was asked if he would ever reconcile with Eminem and cleared the air about the past beef: “I don’t have the Eminem beef. I don’t think I have an Eminem beef. Now, he may have one. I don’t try to match the anger that people have with me. I don’t have no smoke. But I also am not in a rush to…there is no need, you cool over there, I’m cool over here. If there ever come a day we sit down and chop it up then awesome. I’m not opposed to it. But, am I in search of that? No.”

last month, Eminem’s upcoming album was discussed on Joe Budden Podcast: “I saw a lot of negative reactions too but Eminem announced that he’s dropping The Death Of Slim Shady album. Personally I’m excited. I see some people say he does not rap about anything or he just raps about how good he raps. A lot of people don’t like the fast rapping flow and etc. I say to those people ‘I don’t think you listen to his last project, Music To Be Murdered By. It’s an amazing album. That was my number two album of 2020.” said Officially Ice.

From there, Joe Budden interfered: “Did I get dissed on there?” But he was quickly reminded that he was dissed on 2018’s Kamikaze album. On that he replied: “Alright, I’ll check that out then.”

Then Ice continues: “He went back and did the deluxe thing and added second album to it. I didn’t really rock with second but the original Music To Be Murdered By was a great project, a lot of concepts. It (new trailer) was rolled out as true crime investigation doc type of thing, so if this is what you are doing and you are announcing this as the death of Slim Shady, I’m expecting something conceptual on here and when he get on that bag, he’s really not to be f–ked with.”