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Joe Budden reflects on his past disputes with Eminem & JAY-Z




Joe Budden has recently appeared on “The Pivot” podcast’s latest episode. During the hourlong conversation, the veteran emcee who turned into podcaster, talked on a variety of topics, including his mental health struggles, becoming a successful media personality, and much more.

At the beginning of the interview, Budden was asked about being the aggressor in many of his past conflicts within the entertainment industry and admitted that he approached some of them in a wrong way.

“Build and destroy. In some instances, I maybe went about it the wrong way or expressed myself the wrong way, but the intent is always pure. The intent is always for the better of everyone. It’s never like a selfish act. When I had my back and forth with Shady Records and Eminem, I was fighting for me and my brothers [Slaughterhouse] to get a better situation.” said Joe Budden.

Then he continued: “I can’t regret any of it. There is a lot of things that I should have dealt with different way but I don’t regret any of it cause I pulled a lesson from it. All of the yesterdays lead to today. If I change one thing, then an outcome, then the result is different. When JAY-Z got his role as president of Def Jam, I was a young artist on Def Jam trying to work on my second album. And at that time, a lot of the artists on Def Jam had a issue with JAY-Z being the president. This was the first time that a rapper, our peer, was calling the shots, in charge of DMX’s release date, and LL release date, and none of us took that well. And I really didn’t take it well.”

“I didn’t handle myself well at all. Every interview that they booked for me, I kicked their back in. Every chance I got in front of a microphone, I had disparaging things to say about people who, ultimately, were maybe trying to help me. Even if they weren’t trying to help me, if I would’ve helped myself, I would have been in a different predicament. But I didn’t. Gas on the fire.” Joe Budden added.

You can watch the interview below: