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Bobby Simmons explains why Melle Mel doesn’t care about losing to Eminem




Hip-hop music producer and executive Bobby Simmons has recently sat down with Math Hoffa and his crew on My Expert Opinion podcast where he talked about Melle Mel and Eminem going back and forth.

“This whole Melle Mel and Eminem thing…I don’t really want to talk about that but I gotta make this clear to people who listen. The whole Eminem thing, let me explain this to people cause I know Mel. Mel loves it when you talk about him. If you don’t talk about him, you got a problem with him.” Bobby Simmons said.

Then he continued: “How many of you all in this room really think Mel cared that his battle with Eminem meant something? Some of you might probably think he cared. He didn’t care! Mel been though this five times. He done battled Big Daddy Kane. I was there when he battled KRS-1. He lost. Mel lost every battle he had. Am I lying man?! Mel lost every battle he had. It didn’t matter. When you talk about it, he was the one that battled him. Mel been into this million times he lost to everybody!”

“Let me also clarify something. When people talk about Eminem…Melle Mel is sitting in the same chair Eminem is sitting. Is Melle Mel in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?! So is Eminem. Do Melle Mel got platinum records and platinum albums? He went triple platinum. He done win the Grammy. He and Eminem sit on the same seat. Mel is probably saying everybody right now ‘yo, I don’t care if I lost to Eminem as long as you say who was the guy that had the nerve to battle Eminem?!’ Can you name anybody? Don’t name Game, name somebody else.” Bobby Simmons added.

You can watch the interview below: