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Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg gives an update on “Missionary” album with Dr. Dre




Snoop Dogg joins Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for a second time on ALL THE SMOKE to chop it up. The hip-hop legend opens up about his family life, talks about his new movie “The Underdoggs,” gives advice to Usher on his Super Bowl performance, and talks about finally getting Death Row Records. Plus, he sends a message to Jeanie Buss on the state of the Lakers, breaks down his Steelers future, and speaks on his partnership with Master P & Sketchers. He also gave an update on his upcoming album, titled “Missionary” which is entirely produced by Dr. Dre.

“I’m in the lab with Dr. Dre right now, working on, that’s Death Row/Aftermath. We are finishing up that right now. Tightening up the pieces. He’s a perfectionist.” said Snoop Dogg.

Then he continued: “That ni–a called me one day, about two years ago, and he was like ‘Ni–a, come over, let me do a couple songs with you. I’m like ‘alright, I get over there’, he’s like ‘ni–a, let me do your album.’ I’m like ‘alright, lets go.’ ‘It’s gonna take me two weeks, f–k it, lets go.’ We go in, knock out couple songs, he hit me back, ‘I need two more days’, I-need-two-more-days, I got that call probably 85 times. This ni–a needs two more days all the time. But when you here what we have and how he got me rapping, it’s like grown Snoop Dogg. It’s not like ‘yee ni–aaa’ but it’s a growth to him. It’s the way he selects his bars, it’s the way he uses his voices, I’m talking about me like it’s a third party motherf–ker. This ni–a used me like a f–king robot and I love it. Because I love to be produced. I love to be challenged. I hate when a motherf–ker just take it for granted that ‘I’m working with Snoop. Here’s the beat, make a song.’ And I may some bulls–t. Because I go through bulls–t. I maybe rapping some s–t I said long time ago. And the s–t that you don’t want to hear. But if I’m being produced, we are creating this piece together. And this s–t is masterful, because my voice is a part of your music. It is actually an instrument. Let me be a part of the music, so when you hear Dre and Snoop, you always this is what you gon’ learn, every song that you ever heard from Dre and Snoop, my voice is never on top. It’s always in there because it’s an instrument. And that’s what he’s doing. He’s using me as an instrument to create this masterful album.”

You can watch the interview below: