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Stretch Money gives his Top 4 Detroit Lyricists, talks about Eminem




Detroit rapper Stretch Money has recently sat down on MOGUL STATE OF MIND where he briefly talked about Eminem and Royce 5’9.”

“My top four Detroit rappers… Esham, I throw Marshall (Eminem) in there. I’mma throw Nickel (Royce Da 5’9”) in there and Herk. Esham, Marshall, Royce Da 5’9″, Big Herk! But Esham is over them all. Get f–king clear on that. He’s first. He’s the first of the mutants. Esham is is the top no matter the conversation. Everybody’s opinion is valid but that’s mine.” said Stretch Money.

Then he continued: “I worked with anybody but Marshall. I don’t know why. I never met him. If I had a conversation with Eminem right now what advice would I give? I would not give him no motherf–king advice. Eminem is a lord. He does not need no motherf–king advice from me. For real, for real. That’s real big head man. Let’s be clear who the f–k we talking about. Regardless the stigma and don’t nobody know him, that’s my honest to god answer to that. Why we ain’t never work? Because we ain’t never met. I don’t know that motherf–ker.

“I could work with Royce like I could leave from here today, drive to the studio and be like ‘ey, what’s up’ and sit in that bi–ch all night. You feel me? It’s like that but like I said I don’t know Eminem dawg.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: