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Kxng Crooked defends Eminem against Dr. Umar comments




Dr. Umar has recently said that Eminem can’t be considered one of the greatest rappers of all time because of his skin color. A list of rappers came out and defended Eminem, including Kxng Crooked, who talked about the topic on his latest episode of CC WEEKLY.

“Recently I heard Dr. Umar was doing an interview and he said something like putting Eminem on the top of the MC list is White Supremacy. Dr. Umar was almost right when he paired Eminem with white supremacy because Eminem is white and he’s a supreme MC. Almost like White Supremacy but really nothing like White Supremacy. Just like I’m black and I’m supreme MC. Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim Allah, Redman, Treach, KRS-1, The DOC, Ice Cube, Scarface, Twista, Big Boi and André 3000, J. Cole, Kendrick, the list goes on, Horseshoe GANG, Joell Ortiz.” said Knxg Crooked.

Then he continued: “There are certain people in this industry, certain artists who have far surpassed Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘10,000 Hours’ of practice, of study. And they have gone to different levels in this artform called lyricism and Eminem is one of them. Don’t matter what you say. Don’t matter what I say. It just is what it is. He has mastered the craft as he still studies it because there’s levels of mastery. And it ain’t like Marshall just be on social media, doing hella interviews, just outside all the time saying ‘yo, I’m the greatest of all time and I’m white.’ When have you ever heard Em saying that? In an interview or make a post like that or go live and say it. But people are bringing his name up as if he’s super active when it comes to pushing that narrative. He’s not. He’s chilling. He’s staying out the way. All I ever known him to do is go in the lab be mad scientist in there. I never really known him to be in interviews talking all about how he’s the greatest of all time. I never even heard him say that. When he got on my interview on Crook’s Corner, what did he say? He said ‘I never said I was king of hip-hop.”

“We certainly not going to judge every single lyric that somebody says in the song because we all talk s–t in songs. That’s what MCs do. It’s a competitive sport. You gotta let next know that you iller. Sometimes it ain’t all about that. Sometimes it’s all about songwriting and storytelling too.” Kxng Crooked added.