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Kxng Crooked reacts to Eminem’s Melle Mel diss




It appears Eminem has not forgotten about the comments the legendary emcee Melle Mel made about him earlier this year, addressing them in a firestorm of deadly bars on Ez Mil‘s new song, called “Realest.”

Few months ago, during an interview on The Art Of Dialogue, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five rapper responded to Billboard magazine’s list of Top 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time which placed Eminem at number 4 by saying that the Detroit legend is considered in top 5 only because of his skin colors: BEING WHITE.

In the song “Realest,” Eminem responded with the bars that may be a cause of the start of one of the biggest feuds in hip-hop history. “Shout to the Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash but boy (What up doe) / There’s someone who really is furious stay out his path his wrath avoid / And I’ll be the last to toy with a juice head whose brain is like half destroyed / Like a meteor hit it well there went Melle Mel we lost his a– to roids (Damn).” Em raps.

Kxng Crooked looks confident that Melle Mel is in the booth right now, recording the response to Eminem: “I know Melle in the booth right now.. Ain’t no way he doesn’t respond.. What if he drops it on Hip Hop’s birthday 8/11?” He tweeted.

One of the fans responded: “Melle don’t want that smoke.” On which Crooked replied: “He made The Message man I think he wants all of it! One of the original emcees..”

Detroit rapper Lazarus asked: “What’s your take on that battle bro?” On that, Kxng responded: “I could be wrong but I ultimately think this is what Melle wanted and now the ball is in his court. If he drops a great record it would be dope for the culture in terms of pioneers continuing to shine in this day and age.”

Another fan commented: “Yes, but it’s never been this real, rapper’s who have fought Em on tracks have been discredited as MCs to a point where they have changed genres. Going against Em hasn’t worked for anyone so its not just career suicide but it’s an all out fight for your credibility as a musician.” On that, the West Coast legend replied: “There’s nothing Em can do to erase Melle Mel from the Hip Hop history books. Let’s keep things in perspective”

Lastly, Kxng Crooked tweeted: “If there was a such thing as Hip Hop Jeopardy and the category was Founders & Pioneers.. Em would get every answer right.. He luvs this s–t immensely.. I don’t think that was an easy recording session.”

Check out the tweets below: