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Eminem takes shots at The Game, Melle Mel, Gen Z & Lord Jamar on “Realest”




Ez Mil has just released his debut single “Realest,” featuring Eminem under Shady Records and it’s already been discussed a lot on social media because of Slim Shady’s one of the sharpest lyrics as the Detroit legend is no stranger to controversy.

Eminem’s response to The Game

And that is the only retort, is I’m not played in the clubs (What?) / Motherf–ker, put a cork in it / Only reason they still play your s–t in the club (Why?) / Is ’cause you still perform in ’em (Ha-ha).

Eminem is talking about the claim that The Game made when he wanted to spark “beef” with Eminem. To quote what The Game said on the Matt & Stak’s SHOWTIME Basketball podcast: “When have you ever heard an Eminem song playing in the club?” Eminem reacts to this by implying that the only reasons that The Games music is played in clubs is because he performs in them, by clubs Eminem also means small venues because The Game is still a “small” artist therefore he can’t sell out big stadium arenas like Em.

Eminem’s response to Lord Jamar

I am the guest in this house but I turn this b–ch to a mansion (What? Yeah) / That’s an expansion, made it / gargantuan (Huh, what?) / England, Germany, France and Japan’s in this b–ch (Huh, yeah) / Even Dubai, because my music, they do buy (What?).

A response to Lord Jamar who said in an interview with Dj Vlad that Eminem is just a guest in hip hop. Em follows up “That’s an expansion, made it gargantuan” with a list of countries that a have a notable history of expansion/colonialism. But Eminem is also referring to the fact that he is an international artist with heavy acclaim and influence across the world. Also, pay attention to the homonym (Dubai – do buy).

Eminem’s response to Gen Z

Gen Z is actin’ like rap experts, zip up your gaps and close your mouths (Yeah) / B–ch, you ain’t been on this planet long enough to tell me how rap’s supposed to sound (Nah) / Y’all need to stick to what you do best (What?), shootin’ schools up, gat’, go load up rounds / In your parents’ gats and go to class and let off with the strap and go to town (Uh-huh).

In recent years, the new generation called Gen Z have tried to cancel Eminem for his homophobic and misogynistic lyrics many times, especially on TikTok when a user posted a clip that called for Em’s cancellation thanks to a violent lyric in his 2010 Rihanna collaboration ‘Love the Way You Lie’ (“If she ever tries to f–king leave again/ I’ma tie her/ To the bed and set this house on fire“).

The debate is ostensibly pitted Millennials against Gen Z, with the former group of older Eminem fans largely came to the rapper’s defense saying that the younger generation is decades late to being offended by an artist known for controversial statements.

Eminem’s response to Melle Mel

Shout to the Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, but, boy (Whaddup, though?) / This someone who really is furious, stay out his path, his wrath, avoid / And I’ll be the last to toy with, this juice-head, his brain is like half destroyed / Like a meteor hit it / Well, there went Melle Mel, we lost his a– to ‘roids (Damn).

During an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Melle Mel said: “Obviously, Eminem’s a capable rapper. If we talk about sales and he sold more than everybody, okay, if we talk about rhyme style, okay, he got a rhyme style. But he is white! He is white! If Eminem was just another ni–a like the rest of us, would he be top 5 on that list when a ni–a can rhyme just as good as him is 35?! They had records and all that.”

Physically, Melle Mel is in good shape and goes to a gym a lot. Eminem implies that too much steroids negatively affected to his brain for making such statements.

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