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Boskoe100 shows love to Eminem but questions ‘why dissing Benzino and not The Game?’




Boskoe100, also known as Boskoe1 is a hip-hop artist who hails from Inglewood, California. He became well-known in the music industry after a street feud went viral on the internet. He has recently sat down on VLAD TV where he talked about Eminem dissing Benzino and kind of responded Dr. Umar for saying Eminem can’t be one of the greatest because of his skin color.

“[Dissing Benzino?] It’s kind of whack, though. I ain’t gonna lie. Y’all had beef 20 years ago. Ain’t nobody thinking about that. Then why he didn’t diss The Game? We would have cared more, I would not really cared about him dissing Game either but I would have cared little bit more at least, if it was Game. Benzino? What is Benzino doing? It’s like being a bully at this point. You dissing Benzino, you bulling that man. He don’t even rap. He probably rapped before but he’s not a rapper. Benzino not putting our record. Benzino going viral for asking his kids for money. It’s like kicking a dead dog. But I love Benzino. I f–k with Benzino. I remember the whole The Source period of time. But even of more recent, I f–k with him because he gave us his daughter. I ain’t gonna lie, I love that ni–a daughter. Coi Leray is f–king amazing. I love her. Much respect for just breeding that bro. For breeding and blessing the culture with this beautiful spirit. So I don’t got nothing against Benzino. Never really did. But honestly I feel like Eminem trying to go at him is kind of like big corny.” said Boskoe100.

Then he continued: “[He’s one of the most dangerous emcees] I would never take that away from him. I would argue anybody down that Eminem isn’t one of the top lyricists in the game. I was born in ’82. So, as far as my lifetime, my love for hip-hop and my relationship with hip-hop, Eminem is undeniably in the top 10 for sure. You can’t deny it. Hip-hop was not about race. People always try to take away from his attributes just because he’s white. Hip-hop might have been a black start. It might started in Bronx and black dudes might started it but hip-hop was not based off the race. Hip-hop was always based off of the culture. Hip-hop is a culture. It’s not a racial aspect, it’s a cultural aspect. We do not matter if he’s white or not. If he’s spitting and doing this s–t that you ni–as started, he doing better than you, what’s the problem with that? That’s like saying a black actor can’t be the GOAT. That’s like saying Denzel [Washington] ain’t in the top 10 actors because he’s black. I’m sure that first play probably was not done by a black man but he’s in that white dominated genre or field and he’s one of the top 10 in the game. It goes both ways. Hip-hop was not based off of the race like Hollywood was not based off of race.”

“I’ve been an Eminem fan from day one. I always f–ked with Em. So, I never felt no kind of way about him being white but killing everybody off. It don’t matter who kill you as long as you get killed, right? It does not matter who the shooter is as long as you get shot.” – Boskoe100 added.

You can watch the interview below: