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The Game tells bunch of reasons why he’s dropping an Eminem diss song




In the latest episode of UPROXX’s newest show called FRESH PAIR, The Game tells Just Blaze and Katty Customs tells the reason he wants to battle Eminem.

“When I say what I said about Em it is to challenge him. To challenge hip-hop. To ignite a rap wire. Not to pull up the stress but ni**a pull up and rap! Aftermath put up Eminem like he’s a ‘Rap God’ but when dissected by myself I don’t feel like he’s better rapper than me. That’s all I was saying.”

“For me to take a shot at Em like that it does not seem well to people because to them he’s a Rap God and I just feel like Rap God, where? At one point, I did. When I was signed to Aftermath cause I was loyal and Interscope had me thinking that he was better than everybody else. At one point of my career, I was thinking Em was better than Jay just based of ‘Renegade’ because The Source magazine said that Eminem got Jay on that verse. I thought that too until I became a vet, a legend in this game.”

“No this Game today and Em today, f**k The Documentary, f**k every album I’ve ever put out up until this day. F**k everything that you did. I don’t care if you richer and I don’t care if you got more plaques. I don’t care who thinks you are great, ni**a, I’m better today and if I’m not get up and lets rap. This is all I want to do. I ain’t come here to fight. You did it with Machine Gun Kelly, why not doing with me? You did it with Mariah Carey, you did it with Nick Cannon.”

“I’m going at Eminem because 50 Cent can’t rap and I want to challenge better rapper. I’m a fan of his shows, Power, BMF is great but I’m a rapper, he’s a rapper and I’m better rapper. I’m not better TV producer. I’m giving him flowers while he can still smell them but when it comes to rap, he can’t outrap me. Your buddy can rap though. Nobody taking shots at Eminem cause of the notion that he’s better than anybody. Well, I want action. And I want it today! If you are a Rap God, God controls everything, so control me. Put me down. Put me in my place, let me know, cause if he outraps me, I’m gonna feel like ‘s**t he got it!'” said The Game.

You can watch the interview below: