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Fat Joe reacts to Melle Mel wanting to battle Eminem




In his latest The Biggest podcast, Fat Joe discussed Eminem vs Melle Mel and Nas vs MC Shan situations.

“Sometimes the old school, they stand in the way of themselves. You understand what I’m saying? Now I see Melle Mel wants to battle Eminem. Oh my God, this is out of control. Yo, Melle Mel, he’s my OG. He’s the guy I look up to but Mel…Okay, they gonna do whatever they want to do…” said Fat Joe.

Then he continued: “Sometimes, unfortunately, our pioneers stand in the way of their own bag. I do not know why. I have spoken to them over and over again. I would not be here if it was not for our pioneers. So, sometimes, when I can’t talk to them I sit down and be like ‘yo, you can’t get the bag doing this and this and that’.”

“I’ve seen horrible situations…We don’t love you! We over-love you! We worship you! So listen, my pioneers, my legends, don’t block your blessings man! Get to the bag. I want all of you to get to the bag. Hip-hop is one thing, we don’t have the union. We don’t have a situation where we take care of our pioneers. And they deserve it. Because we wouldn’t have it if it was not for them. ” Fat Joe added.

You can watch it below: