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After DJ Khaled, Fat Joe also received “Mom’s Spaghetti” as a gift from Eminem




Fat Joe has recently sat down with Hollywood legend Chazz Palminteri on his Chazz Palminteri Show where they talked about everything from growing up in the Bronx, his music career, his hip-hop influences, their mutual friends, life changing stories and their success coming up from the Bronx. Joe also has an incredible life lesson that he shares and the advice that he should’ve taken from A Bronx Tale in order to avoid a life changing event.

At one point of the interview, Fat Joe revealed that Eminem has recently sent him ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ sauce as a gift. Couple of weeks ago, Detroit legend Eminem announced on social media that jars of his “Mom’s Spaghetti” Pasta Sauce would launch through the Mom’s Spaghetti official website. When the sauce popped up on the website, the sauce quickly sold out within hours.

“You know my brother Eminem just pulled out a ne sauce and its called ‘Mom’s Spaghetti.’ He sent it to my house I swear a god. He has a sauce available called Mom’s Spaghetti!” said Fat Joe.

Then Joe went on praising Em: “He’s the best. He is phenomenal. He’s too great. You cant’ stop him. He’s too great. He’s like an alien. He’s amazing.”

On that Chazz Palminteri replied: “I do not know him well but I met Dr. Dre and I got to know him a little bit through Jimmy Iovine and I met him bunch of times. And he would tell me, when he first heard Eminem rap, it was like ‘WHAT THE F–K?!’ Yeah, he is like an alien.”

Fat Joe is not the only one who received the sauce as a sign of respect from Eminem. Last week, DJ Khaled shared a video of him thanking Slim Shady for the gift.

Watch the new interview below: