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Xzibit talks how he first met Eminem & how they ended up working together




Xzibit has recently sat down on The Adam Corolla Show with Tammy Pettigrew, Adam and Chris where the legendary hip-hop artist talked about meeting and working with Eminem in the past.

“I come from battle rap scene. When I first started on the West Coast it was very small clicks of emcees and we all used to go and do these battles. Or we would go to The Wake Up Show with Tech and Sway. These were the only outlets. There was no internet. In New York, they had different things, Lyricist Lounge, they had mixtapes, they had vibrant scene.” said Xzibit.

The he continued: “So, Eminem was very famous for going and being a battle rapper. Even when he spelled his name M&M like candy, he was so talented back then and he was grooming himself. So, everybody was doing the same thing, grooming themselves and you heard of him because he was a white guy with that much skill, coming to the scene was pretty amazing. When you met him, his reputation preceded him. I met him through that first. It was not like ‘oh we gonna work together and do all this stuff later’, nah. We both came from same kinda place. Once he came for Rap Olympics, he was ready to throw a towel at that time, but he was giving out tapes and one of the tapes from that battle got to Dre and Jimmy. And then they called him and the rest is history.”

“From there, I got to Dre through different way. But we all ended up in the same camp. It was all for the same kinda push because we were a certain talents that we brought to the table with our rhymes. So, that’s kinda how we got together and moved on. But he had a crazy story as well so I’m glad I was in ‘8 Mile’. I’m glad I was able to work with him in the capacity that I have. Nothing but respect for the Marshall and the rest of the team.” Xzibit added.

You can watch the interview below: