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Chazz Palminteri lists top 3 rappers, includes Eminem




Fat Joe has recently sat down with Hollywood legend Chazz Palminteri on his Chazz Palminteri Show where they talked about everything from growing up in the Bronx, his music career, his hip-hop influences, their mutual friends, life changing stories and their success coming up from the Bronx.

At one point of the interview, The Usual Suspects actor listed his all time greatest rappers before asking it to Fat Joe: “Who do you think are top, all time greatest rappers? I mean, I like Biggie, I thought Biggie was great. Obviously he didn’t do a lot of albums but when you listen to it…And I thought Tupac was very prolific and obviously Eminem.”

“I’ll add some names to that,” said Fat Joe. “Rakim, Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne. My idols are Heavy D, LL Cool J. He’s a major influence in hip-hop. And KRS-One from the Bronx. I studied all of them. And who is your top 5 actors of all time?”

On that, Chazz replied: “Obviously Robert De Niro. Obviously Marlon Brando. I would absolutely put Al Pacino in there. I love Peter O’Toole, I would have to put him in there. And I would probably put James Dean. Three movies, three classics.”

You can watch the interview below: