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Royce 5’9″ talks how he handled Joe Budden & Eminem beef




Royce Da 5’9″ has recently sat down with Math Hoffa on My Expert Opinion’s latest episode, where the Detroit legend talked about Eminem, Joe Buddden, Slaughterhouse, Kxng Crooked, Joell Ortiz and many other topics.

“Me and Joe’s relationship is a reconciliation. I’m not turning my back on Joe Budden. Joe made comments about Marshall and people over there don’t f**k with him at all. A lot of people were looking at me like ‘yo, why do you still f**king with Joe.’ My answer to that is, because he’s my friend. And my responsibility as friends to both sides is to not tell them how they should feel. You should be able to feel how you wanna feel. I’m not telling you how the problems are solved. You have the liberty and you have the luxury to handle your problems however you want to handle it. And with Joe, how I handle my friends is I don’t stick my friends in trash when they make mistakes.” said Royce.

Then he continues: “Joe made a mistake. I disagree with it. Me and Joe had small falling out about it. We talked about it. We got past it. He apologized to me. He told me he loved me. And he’s still my friend to this day. Even though, I know that I could have took a more business approach if it was just about the money and just moved on from him. And continue to nurture the relationship with Shady Records. I’m not cut like that. If you are my friend, then you are my friend. Some people say ‘he always defended Marshall’, well s**t, I’m always defending all my friends. They said the same thing about Joe and Wu -Tang s**t. Joe said something about an icon that I despised about the fact that he did that. But he’s my man and my thing is to tell him how I feel about it.”

You can watch the interview below: