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Tony Yayo tells The Game to apologize Eminem & 50 Cent




Tony Yayo and Uncle Murda have recently sat down with Math Hoffa on the latest episode of My Expert Opinion where they talked about many topics, including Eminem and 50 Cent.

“Let’s stop b**ching in this industry. Ni**as are hoes. I’m tired of this s**t. You know ni**as are supposed to be respectful of who turned the lights on. Who did Em put on?! G-Unit, D12, Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden’s in them and Griselda. C’mon ni**a. Ni**as mad at white boy because he’s a black honkey player. C’mon ni**a! ‘Yo, HiS mUsIc DoN’t PlAy In ThE cLuB’ and that ain’t make him a GOAT? What happened to bars ni**a?!” said Yayo.

“I f**k with Eminem since “Renegade” and that ni**a put me on. He got respect from the hood since “Renegade.” Why do ni**as hate Eminem? Because he’s WHITE…At the end of the day, nobody in my hood, in my family, wore FREE YAYO shirt at the Grammys and looked out for me ni**a!” Yayo added.

Earlier in the interview, the G-Unit member told The Game in front of the camera to apologize to people who gave him the opportunities in his career and try to benefit from it: “Yo Game, apologize Fifty and Eminem. Yo, Buck apologize to Fifty. Banks you know what it is and we can go get this money. Let’s get couple of millions.”

You can watch the episode below: