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Trick Trick talks about “Twerk Dat Pop That” song with Eminem & Royce 5’9″




Detroit award-winning platinum producer Antt Beatz has recently sat down with his nephew Trick Trick on The Fly Zone radio show “The Sit Down” on Shade 45 where they talked about the rise of a young producer, his work ethic, the ups and downs, and Artist development which ultimately landed him a deal with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. At one point of the interview, Trick Trick talked about his 2014 single “Twerk Dat Pop That,” featuring Eminem and Royce 5’9″, produced by the guest himself, Antt Beatz.

“We got a record with me and Eminem and Royce 5’9” called ‘Twerk Dat Pop That’ and it’s in the movie ‘The Last 24‘. That beat came out of one of them [vaulted] folders. Man, you put your f–king foot in that motherf–ka. I love that beat.” said Trick Trick.

Then he continued: “You know, when Marshall gets the beat and stuff, he puts his vocals on and that’s it. You don’t get his vocals. We don’t get copy of his vocals. He takes the beat and then he puts his vocals on it and he sends it back to you. And that’s just it. That’s how Eminem get down but cool, f–k it, thanks for the verse ma n-gga. [Laughs]. You can make the clean version if you got to, though. The edit and just spin it all back. What I learned to do is to take instrumental and tuck it under the part or you just line it up and then wherever it’s at just ‘paw, paw’. Yeah, you got the knife so you can do what you want… This beat reminds me Doughboyz Cashout.”

Twerk Dat Pop That” is a song about three of them having some fun in a Detroit strip club. While Trick Trick is busy making a vibe and just getting the attention from all the OGs in the Strip Club, Royce seems to be pretty busy, applying only one hook in the song, he seems to be in ‘heaven’ and quite happy, so no comments from him needed except that he is having some private dances. Eminem, on the other hand, is just Eminem, being classical he has the theme we know from him from day one. He is having trouble with one particular stripper and is starting to get really mean to her delivering some hard punchlines and nice insults.

Watch the new interview below: