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Bizarre of D12 throws shot at Benzino in a new freestyle




Bizarre from D12 has just dropped a new video freestyle called “8 A.M,” rapping over Drake’s “8AM in Charlotte” beat, from Dreezy’s 2023 album, For All The Dogs.

In the song, Bizarre throws a little shot at Benzino with the following lines: “I’m in Reno, at the Casino, with this ugly white b–ch I met from Bingo. She’s 62, said she went to school with Benzino.” Biz probably making fun of Benzino’s age.

The former co-owner of The Source magazine has recently dropped the Eminem diss record “Rap Elvis,” which is response to Eminem‘s jabs on “Doomsday Pt. 2.” In “Rap Elvis,” Benzino throws shade at Bizarre and the rest of D12 rappers with the following lines: “Okay, you found 50, and you put on five Detroit ni–as / Rest in peace to the best one, the rest of them sound iffy.

Eminem signed 50 Cent to his label Shady Records and helped greatly in making 50 Cent blow up and become a huge success. Before he found 50 Cent though, Eminem had tried to help the five members of his group D12 blow up and he did two albums with them. Benzino says Big Proof, who was shot and killed in a Detroit nightclub on April 11, 2006, was the best member out of the other five and the rest of them suck.

You can bump the Bizarre’s new freestyle below: