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Cassidy appears to be throwing shots at Ca$his & Eminem in a new song




Philadelphia battle rapper and hip-hop artist Cassidy is back with the new track called “WHERE THE BUL AT,” where he appears to be responding to Ca$his after the former Shady Records artist called him out for ghostwriting Benzino’s diss record to Eminem.

“I’m surprised his ghostwriters even go step up. You sure you wanna hop in these flames? You don’t wanna test me bar for bar and see what I really get. I don’t know if it’s Cassidy. I’m just saying, whoever the ghostwriter is, I served Benzino, that means I served you too. Just go let that slide? You ain’t got no type of pride as a man or as an MC. Damn shame. Whoever it is, hop your a– on the ring. You were the one who said my name. Don’t let this ni–a Femzino take all the heat for it. You using this ni–a as a human shield right now. Whole world is dissing this fool. It’s damn shame.” said Ca$his in a recent interview with WRAPS.

Cassidy appears to be responding to Ca$his in the new track: “I been way better than you cats / shocked when I got the news that / this n-gga ready for war, then where that fool (Bul) at?” Cas is also using Ca$his style in the hook of the song.

Cassidy also unintentionally confirms he wrote for Benzino? “All I’m trying to do write raps, get money and relax.” I wonder how much Benzino paid to him…Cas has been challenging Eminem for rap battle for a while now. Maybe this track is an invitation to the ring.

As far as Ca$his, the Shady Gang leader has already responded on Instagram by sharing a snippet of Nas’ “Ether” diss track to Jay-Z, with the screen that says: “Yeah, n-gga, I’m more than ready…Tha Bul.”

Check Cassidy’s new track “WHERE THE BUL AT” below and tell us your opinions in the comment sections of out social media accounts.