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Cassidy analysis Eminem’s rhymes while discussing “Science of Rap” with Math Hoffa




Cassidy recently sat down with Math Hoffa and the rest of the crew where they talk about rap, lyricism, and more. At some point Cassidy was asked about how come people don’t like Eminem and his lyricism.

“He is not technical all the time. He is piecing up syllables but sometimes he do not, sometimes he rhyme one syllable.” said Cassidy and raps “The Way I Am” as an example.

“That is one syllable,” Cassidy continues, “It’s just you all think he piecing up all these syllables. He do rhyme more syllables in other raps but a lot of times he just do not even be piecing up it is just a lot of rhymes and you think that he killing it.”

Philadelphia rapper the raps “My Name Is” and comments: “I know the science of this sh*t is a two-syllable piece up. That is the best Eminem right there. When he rap like that, that is when I really like him. But a lot of people do not even understand the way that you are supposed to rhyme and piece it up.”

“You gotta really break the science down the proper way like not just rappers, fans too, everybody. Like I know this is one syllable, this is two, this three, this is this. Once people could do that, rappers gonna have to step it up and fans gonna demand more cause they are gonna understand better.”

Check out the full thing below: