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Meghann Fahy says she’s obsessed with Eminem




Meghann Fahy, one of the stars of the second season of HBO’s “White Lotus,” has recently visited Eminem’s of Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant, a nine-day-only “pop-up experience” in SoHo, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the movie “8 Mile,” starring Eminem as the rapper who calls himself B-Rabbit.

Fahy considers herself to be an Eminem connoisseur and little more obsessed with him. Her go-to karaoke song is iconic Dido-assisted song “Stan,” from The Marshall Mathers LP album, a menacing epic about an abusive loner who is obsessed with a famous rapper. “It’s not his fastest song. But I do think, from a storytelling perspective, it is one of his best.” – She explained that Eminem karaoke was less obnoxious than the alternative.

The shop bumped a bass-heavy hip-hop track. Fahy, who is thirty-two, with a spray of cheek freckles and swishy strawberry-blond hair, shimmied along. Ciara Benko, the pop-up’s publicist, asked Fahy about the first time she saw “8 Mile.” on which, she replied: “Oh, it was in 2002, and I had, like, a s*xual awakening. My friend and I had to watch it in a closet, because we were not supposed to be watching it.”

Near the exit of the shop, Fahy made a beeline for the gift shop. “I looove merch” she said as she picked up a vinyl copy of the movie’s soundtrack. “Does it have the rap battles on it?” she asked. She caressed a T-shirt promoting a showdown between B-Rabbit and his nemesis, Papa Doc. She bought two, one for herself and one for Leo Woodall, a British actor she befriended while in Sicily filming “The White Lotus.” She and Woodall bonded as fellow Slim Shady stans. “He can do all the freestyles from the film!”

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