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Reggie Wright Jr. responds Suge Knight saying Eminem’s 2Pac album flopped




Former general manager of Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr. has recently sat down on bomb1st where he talked about Suge Knight claiming the only 2Pac album that flopped was “Loyal To The Game,” which was released by Eminem.

During a recent interview with Katt Williams, Suge Knight said: “All the people Pac helped, buying cars, houses, putting them in apartments, jewelry, putting them on the songs, being label mates with him, everything right? Nobody never stood up for him. So, once Pac left, even people from his own groups, they started doing songs with his enemies. They started taking pictures with his enemies. But at the same time man, a lot of people been wanting to do songs with Pac and some people even did some s–t with Pac and they never…There was only one Tupac project that ever flopped before that’s the one Eminem did, on all the releases. All the rest of them were successful.”

In a new interview with bomb1st, Reggie Wright Jr. said: “It was not bad idea to let Eminem control 2Pac’s album cause Em was hot at that time. He was the hottest thing on the planet. Early 2000s to mid 2000s. He was Interscope’s baby. He was their boy. Now, to your point and most people’s point, Em is not known as a producer and he had different style and different flow than Pac did. Different style of music, so why would you have somebody that playing basketball coaching a football team? Just because you are an athlete or musician, don’t mean how to do and be that type of athlete, that’s my point.”

He then continued: “I would have taken the chance because if you would have got a percentage of Em’s fans over with Pac current fans, man, you all just don’t know how Em was considered in the industry at that time. Still to this day, he still holds the records as far as music sales, if Drake has not broken it yet. So, I guess why Interscope went that rout. Do I agree? No.”

Watch the interview below: