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Westside Gunn reveals how he gets Eminem & Jay-Z to listen to his Griselda artists




In an exclusive interview on Rap Radar Podcast with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller, debuting through iHeartRadio, Griselda co-founder Westside Gunn explained how being in the middle of the underground Hip-Hop scene and the mainstream has helped his rap career. It’s also given him the chance to uplift the rappers on his New York-based label and display their talents for major artists in his inner circle to see like Eminem, JAY-Z, Drake and others.

“When you’re underground, a lot of eyes and ears aren’t on you. Now like I said, I’m right in that middle. So I know if I curated a project, Drake might listen to it. Travis might listen to it, Tyler might listen to it, Hov might listen to it, Nas might listen to it, Marshall might listen to it. So I do these albums so Hov can hear Rome. So Nas can hear Rome. So Marshall can hear Rome, you feel me?” said Gunn.

Then he added: “Since y’all paying attention to me, let me show you something. That’s what it’s about. It’s spreading the culture. I’m not selfish. I want my guys to shine.”

After the end of 2023, Westside Gunn is also considering retiring from hip-hop scene.

In a series of tweets, the Buffalo rapper began his farewell by saying he has nothing else left to prove. He then started recapping his career, listing out some of his collaborators and producers he’s worked with. The list is pretty legendary from late rappers MF Doom and Prodigy to Jay-Z and Eminem.

Check out the tweets below: