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DAX pays homage to Eminem on JAY-Z’s “Blueprint 2” remix




Canadian rapper DAX, who has previously showed love to Eminem on many occasions, has released new song “Blueprint 2” freestyle, a remix of JAZ’s 2002 track with the same name.

The Blueprint 2 is the album title track. After the “Ether” vs “Takeover” debate was derailed by the “Supa Ugly” debacle, Jay was down but not defeated. Most in the Roc-A-Fella camp believed that “Takeover” was the clear winner, with Jay spitting facts and Nas getting too “emotional”.

I thought [“Ether”] was a great record. But my thought was, how could you pick ‘Ether’ over ‘Takeover’? Because ‘Ether’ is like somebody playing the dozens. And we came with facts.” said Young Guru.

The result was a simmering battle, and Blueprint 2, produced and killed by Charlemagne, sampling “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone, was Jay’s version of “Ether”: a more emotive, powerful performance than “Takeover”. The song remains an underrated chapter in the history between the two. The final shot was thrown by Nas on “Last Real N— Alive”, off his God’s Son record in late 2002. That song, and “Blueprint 2”, can be considered the final death rattle in the beef that shook the hip hop world.

In the new remix, DAX raps: “I seeped in the madness / Started thinking and crafting, devising a plan to attack ’em, burn them turn them to ashes / Then harbored it, turned myself into a savage / Became one of the hardest to walk on the planet,” while using Eminem’s flow on “The Way I Am.” The rapper even posted a short of the video saying “I payed homage to Eminem on my “Jay-Z” blueprint Remix. That Eminem flow is fire.”

In the comment section of the video, DAX commented: “Next one is EMINEM “TILL I COLLAPSE” remix…I’m dropping it as soon as this hits 100K likes, like, comment, and SHARE this if you want to hear it…btw going on tour with JOYNER LUCAS, it’s going to be legendary!!!!!

DAX has previously dropped dozens of remixes of Eminem’s songs, including “Rap God,” “Killshot,” “Godzilla” and “The Real Slim Shady.” You can bump the new track below: