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Almighty Suspect explains why Jay-Z doesn’t have bigger impact than Eminem




Following 50 Cent, Los Angeles rapper and No Jumper host Almighty Suspect is another artist who disagrees former NBA player Jamal Crawford saying Jay-Z has bigger impact on hip-hop than Eminem albums sales will ever have.

During the conversation with Shaquille O’Neal on his new podcast called The Big Podcast, Crawford drew the parallel to hip-hop to rank his top five NBA players of all time and used Eminem and JAY-Z’s impact as an example.

“In my top five, the dominance outweighs the number. You can not change the game and say this person has more points than me, he is better. It is beyond that. Jay-Z’s affect on hip-hop is bigger than any album sales Eminem will have. That is just how it goes.” Crawford said.

Jamal Crawford’s statement sparked lots of discussions in social media and 50 Cent also weighed in. The Hip-Hop Wolf Instagram page posted Crawford’s interview and asked fans if they agree to the statement or not. Under the comment section, Fifty replied: “Ha, bulls–t.” with Sneezing Face emoji.

Today, the topic has been discussed in No Jumper podcast, where Almighty Suspect denied Crawford’s statement: “Bro, I can name like six Eminem clones right now. Hopsin, DAX, Logic, MGK, that white McDonald dude that white dude who’s is making If-I-Was-Black songs. Joyner Lucas is one of them too. That’s the six. I’m not naming rappers that look like Eminem. I’m naming rappers who are actual clones of Eminem. I just named six. Tell me, name me, six Jay-Z clones.” said Suspect.

Then he continues: “I’m not saying Eminem’s impact is better or worse but it’s large! It has to be acknowledged and I don’t even like Eminem like whatsoever. I think Jay-Z’s impact on rap is bigger outside of rap. More entrepreneur s–t. In the business aspect, hell yeah. But if we talking about just rap, bro, all Jay-Z does is f–king quote Biggie lines. F–k we talking about ni–a. His effect, I get it, because he’s definitely one of the GOATs, one of the greatest rappers alive in people’s eyes. To me, one of the greatest artist is Wayne. Jay-Z’s impact in hip-hop, what are we saying? Like, what? Where? Besides being a business mogul.”

“Eminem does have a lot of numbers but he also has a big impact on rap bro. You know how many motherf–kers trying to imitate him? Ni–as do that all day. It’s not like eight of them. It’s millions of them.” Suspect added.

You can watch the entire thing below: