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Azizz claims NAS ghostwrote for Eminem, says Shady entirely copied his style




Az Izz, the member of Outsidaz hip-hop collective, which was formed in 1991 after underground rapper Young Zee met D.U. and Pacewon at a New Year’s Eve party, has recently hit twitter to lash out on Eminem, who was the member of the group in the past, alongside Bizarre of D12.

In his Twitter rant, the Newark, New Jersey-born rapper claims Eminem copied his styles and used to use NAS as the ghostwriter. He also called out Eminem for being ‘the most ungrateful rapper’ ever.

“To Da Stans, Dr. Dre wasn’t around during the struggle. When a mofo is as fake as this clown you can’t take your foot off his neck. The Most Ungrateful Rapper To Ever Touch A Mic ⁦- Eminem! How you shoutout 100 MCs who did nothing for you in your Hall Of Fame speech but not Me and Slang?!” says Aziz

Then he continues: “If they invented the streaming service and they signed an artist why would they not make it look like that artist is the number one selling artist out. Even though we all know ain’t nobody really listening to Eminem anymore. Hip-Hop is in Atlanta. Down south! Not up north or mid west.”

“Yo, they done blackballed n shadow banned me. I made them remove the dislike button on YouTube cause I was getting paid no matter what. Then I ended Shady Records and made The Slaughterhouse breakup cause them ni–as ain’t know they were on a plantation. Where is my flowers. GOATED.

“I’m bout to make all the Stan’s convert to Izians.”

“Aloha Fools Tune In Or Get Tuned Out. I be having these Stan’s heated when I say chit like. I Ain’t Shady But I’m The Real Slim.”

“Aloha Fools! Since I got you Stan’s attention let me try to educate some of you who weren’t born yet. This Album All Natural was my very first compilation Album. Which Ended Up Becoming The First Outsidaz Album. I produced everything on this project. So Low.”

“Aloha Fools! To my Stans aka Izians. I’m The Real Slim. This was another banger I produced n set off way b4 Em showed up.”

“Aloha Fools. To the Stans I’m gonna convert all of you to Izians. This is me on the production and R.I.P Slang going back to back. I’m trying to show y’all we were already Dopeliss before the white Boi infiltrated. They thought we were a gang so they sent Em CIA a– to divide us.”

“Aloha Fools! Aye Stan’s If you listen clearly you can tell this was when ⁦Eminem fell in love with my style. Once again I’m on the production and setting it off. Listen to my voice you can hear him mimicking me clearly. Plus he was the one who picked the beat over Gov track.”

“Now here is where it gets interesting. This Iz Slang’s verse. ⁦Eminem was no where to be found plus he def didn’t rap like this. I feel like I’m in court fighting for my freedom. Mind you I got to America in 88 by 96 97 I’m keeping up with Slang. Em’s a fraud a biter.”

“Since I took my light back I’m back Spittin like share subscribe to a real Authentic GOAT no Ghostwriters . I could’ve sold this song to Marsha he but records. I know for a fact Nas has written for Em. I know someone’s pen when I hear it.”

“This Izz A Fight To The Finish. Ima make y’all mans tell the truth. I know someone told him he could run with my style. Who was it ⁦Eminem. Tell the truth n shame the devil.”

Check out the tweet below. All the rest of the tweets can be seen on Azizz’s Twitter.