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Thirstin Howl III recalls being around with Eminem before fame




Brooklyn, New York rapper Thirstin Howl III has recently sat down with Bootleg Kev for an interview where he briefly talked about Rap Olympic days with Eminem.

Bootleg Kev: You were part of Rap Olympics right? Which were, for people who don’t know, very pivotal to a lot of people’s careers, specifically we always hear Eminem is synonymous with Rap Olympics and its a part of his story and you were a part of his team when you did the Rap Olympics. Who did you guys go against?

Thirstin Howl III: I believe it was Project Blow. They were the only ones that showed up. There was a long roster of teams that were supposed to be there from every popular rap group that was out. And nobody showed up. Everybody on my team was a master in freestyling off the head. Juice, Eminem, myself, Wordsworth, Kwest Tha Madd Lad. Sit in the room with us and you f–king get blown. Even Craig G was out there hanging out with us.

Bootleg Kev: I just remember Eminem being a real backpack rapper I guess back then. If you knew about him you knew about him but he was definitively underground guy. How crazy was that for you to kinda see from battling with this dude to doing MTV VMAs and becoming absolute superstar? Eminem was lyrical rapper. He was lyrical miracle spiritual dude. So if you heard his records prior to him getting to Dre, you would never think like, he was even capable making a crossover records.

Thirstin Howl III: I always believed that because being around Em man, I knew he was destined because his talent blew everyone away. We had a big mutual respect for what we both were able to do. So, I knew at any moment something was going to happen and he was really an actual factual truth. When I credit anyone in the industry I base everything off skills first. For me skills are first. I don’t care about nothing else. Eminem had the skills to take it there. I was around several artists and I’ve seen them blow up and all they it did was give me hope. It showed me that its possible. To see the level Em got into I was like ‘I’m next, coming!’.

Thirstin Howl III and Eminem have previously worked together on DJ Spinna produced track “Watch Deez” from Thirstin Howl’s 2000 album titled Skillosopher.