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Jamal Crawford: “Jay-Z’s effect on rap is bigger than any albums sales Eminem will ever have”




In the latest episode of TNT Tuesday Night show, Jamal Crawford, Shaquille O’Neal and Spice Adams spoke about LeBron James’ marching towards breaking record hold by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, dicey situation of Golden State Warriors in the league and the NBA world as a whole.

During one segment of the episode, Crawford asked Turner to name her top five players of all time. Following her response, Shaq and Crawford weighed in with their choices. This resulted in a debate that silenced the Big Aristotle.

Both Crawford and Turner named Shaq as one of their top five, but both did not name him in the top two category. When Turner emphasized her choices, Shaq thanked her for thinking of him and replied: “Thank you for thinking of me but there is no need to waste your energy.”

Basketball is undoubtedly a game of numbers. However, Crawford believes that the dominance and influence of a player on the game weigh more than any number or stat. He explained this by drawing a parallel with the rap game. Jamal Crawford said: “ The dominance outweighs the numbers…Like, Jay-Z’s effect on hip hop is bigger than any album sales that Eminem will have. That’s how it goes.”

Shaq gave a nod by saying: “That’s a good point.”

You can watch the interview below: