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Juelz Santana says Eminem is lyrical but Jeezy makes better music




Juelz Santana and Jim Jones have come to 21 Savage’s defense after the young Atlanta rapper came under fire for questioning legendary Nas’ relevancy in today’s rap game when live on Clubhouse.

In a recent sit-down with No Jumper, the Diplomats duo brought some perspective to the ongoing debate and argued 21’s controversial comments, which were made on Clubhouse earlier this month, were misconstrued.

“You can’t even have no opinions out here nowadays. And they’re so quick to misconstrue everything you say. I don’t believe he was trying to say it in a malicious way. I’m just looking at what 21 Savage was saying. I don’t think he meant it as what people were taking it as. In today’s society, in the younger generation, these kids are very lit out here and they put ‘lit’ and ‘relevant’ in the same thing when it’s two different things.” said Jones.

“They feel like because 21 ain’t Nas, he don’t got a right to talk about Nas and that’s the f—ed up thing in the world we live in. We all have a right to our opinion because we all do it every day from the comments we make.” Santana added.

At one point of the interview, the crew also talked about Eminem while discussing 21 Savage’s opinion.

“Now go to the question of the best rapper. When you get into that, that’s a lot of technical, especially now in this day, because you got all the South dudes who may not be lyrical but… Alright, yes, Eminem is lyrically great but I get into the car and I listen to Jeezy more.” said Juelz Santana.

“18 year olds that were listening to Eminem ain’t 18 years olds listening listening to Eminem this year. This 18 years olds listening to somebody else that is dope as Eminem. They listen Drake, they listen 21 Savage, they listen to Lil Baby. These are the people who are gonna be considered the greatest rapper ever because these people tell us their story.” Jim Jones added.

You can watch the interview below: