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Pusha T debunks rumors of him ever taking shots at Eminem, says how much he is inspired by Eminem




Pusha T has recently visited Morning Hustle Show to promote his new album, It’s Almost Dry.

During the interview, one of the hosts asked him to name a person that people tried to make him diss but he never intended to do so. Here is what King Push replied:

“I saw just recently on Twitter people sayin’ my stuff at Eminem. I’m like ‘BROO!’ It was just misinterpretation something I said before. People decode and think their own thing. Nah man, Em is somebody that I respect. He’s one of the people that I really like what he does because after all of his success I can still find lyricist lounge Eminem. That’s a goal for me, personally.”

You can watch the interview below: