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Bizarre talks the possibility of Eminem battling again, calls him “Floyd Mayweather of Hip-Hop Shop”




In the new interview with Mikey T on Report Card Radio, Bizarre talked about 50 Cent’s beef with Suge Knight, Eminem signing D12 to Shady Records, wanting to battle Gillie Da Kid and much more.

At one point of the interview, Mikey asked the legendary D12 rapper about the possibility of Eminem going back to battle rap. Here is what he replied:

“Back then the battle rap culture was a freestyle. 8 Mile is damn near very description of what it was. It was really like that. Motherf**kers had clicks. Your click was like your game. Kinda how it is like today but back then it was some rap battle s**t. It used to be intense and everybody knew Eminem was the king of all that s**t. He was undefeated. He was like Floyd Mayweather of rap battle s**t… Eminem returning to battle rap? I don’t know if it will ever happen. I can’t never say never.” – said Bizarre.

Check the interview below:

Check the full interview below: