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Detroit rapper Baby Smoove talks how Eminem inspired him




In a new interview Our Generation Music, Deyroit rapper Baby Smoove, talked about  8 mile, favorite basketball players, favorite movies, first time recording music, Detroit, The independent mindset, and how Eminem inspired him while growing up.

“I know it’s gonna sound crazy cause you ain’t never really heard nobody from Detroit say this. Eminem. But not like that, though. My mommy used to have these CD cases, you know, the ones you zip, and they hold all that. So I had moved to Memphis with my grandma when I was like four or five. On the way down there, I had a little Sony CD player, you know, the one with the batteries you click open. My grandma and grandpa, they’re driving to Tennessee, they’re doing 55 the whole way there. They’re not playing no music except gospel tapes. So I played that “The Marshall Mathers LP” for probably a week. It f**ked my head up because that’s how I thought life was. You know, Eminem had got a lot of issues. To be four and to play this music. My sister had just died, I was seeing my mama cry a lot, so it was like, ‘Damn, that’s what this sh*t is really like.’ It was so much, I couldn’t even take it all in. I don’t know, I let it grow with me.”

Then he also revealed his favorite songs from Eminem: “Stan, Mockingbird, Kill You, and Kim. The Way I Am, that’s my favourite one.” says Baby Smoove. You can watch the interview below: