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WATCH: Lil Pump disses Eminem




Lil Pump has just dissed Eminem on his Instagram story.

Aye, f*%* Eminem! You lame as hell. Ain’t nobody listens to your old a*s. You lame as f***, b****.” says Little Pimp in the video.

You can watch that disgraceful video below:

We don’t know yet what was the motive of Lil Pump gong at Eminem like that. All we know Eminem has not dissed him on Music To Be Murdered By: Side B. Might be political views? Eminem hates Donald Trump, Pump supports him. Or, is Lil Pump clout-chasing? cause somebody remind him about monthly Spotify listeners:

LIL PUMP: 9.5 million monthly listeners. 
EMINEM: 38.7 million monthly listeners. 

Eminem did diss Lil Pump on “The Ringer” off Kamikaze back in 2018 but Pump said he deserved that. You can check all the info in the video above.