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Tom MacDonald thinks Eminem dissed him on “Last One Standing”




Couple of weeks ago, Skylar Grey, Mozzy, Polo G and Eminem dropped “Last One Standing,” a theme song for Venom: Let There Be Carnage movie.

In the song, Eminem continues taking shots at today’s rappers with the following lines: “Rappers, how can we be / On the same level now when I gotta look down and see these / Clowns that are on the ground? / B**ch, I got clouds beneath me.”

Tom MacDonald, who has shouted out Eminem in many occasions, thinks it’s a jab towards him and its a response to his song titled “Don’t Look Down,” where the Canadian rapper raps: “I’m scared if I look at the water, I’ll drown / So I look at the sky and deny there’s a ground / I’m not scared of the altitude up in the clouds / I’m scared of the fall, so I don’t look down.”

Tom posted the lyrics of both songs on his Instagram with the  caption: “Did Eminem REALLY diss me in his new song?”

Some people even think it’s a diss towards NF as one of the fans commented: “He could’ve dissed you, or possibly NF since he released an album called CLOUDS. Personally, the way he put “clowns” in there makes me believe it’s a jab at Tom since he made a song called Clown World, but I’m not sure.”

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If you are interested in my opinion, I think Eminem didn’t say those lyrics with any particular rapper(s) in his mind. I even think Em does not care about NF or Tom MacDonald music but that’s just my opinion.