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Kid Cudi talks how the collaboration with Eminem came together




In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Kid Cudi talked his upcoming album Man on the Moon III, and how he wanted “to be respected as an emcee.” You also talked about how a collaboration with Eminem on “The Adventure of the Moon Man and Slim Shady” happened:

“Yo, who do I f**ing get? Who do I f**ing spar with? Who do I go bar-for-bar with? Eminem! I tweeted at him. It was not even in the DMs. Just my timeline. It was public. I was like, ‘Yo Rap God, help!’ And we are really close with Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg and he was able to connect us and we were able to get it done.”

“I’m like waiting, I’m waiting. And I’m like, “Oh s**t. They are asking me questions. They do not say he is going to do it just yet. They are just asking me questions. And I am like, so this means he is going to do it. Right? Because they are asking me questions. And literally it was like every day I was like, ‘Is today going to be the day? Is today going to be the day?’ And, I got it, and I was like, ‘Holy s**.'”

“It was something for me to get the validation from Eminem by doing that record. Him doing that record let me know, like he was telling me like, ‘Yo, I f**k with you as an artist fully, even your bars are dope.'” says Kid Cudi

You can watch the interview below: