Ty Dolla Sign names the only one rapper that is better than Eminem

Ty Dolla Sign joins Hot Freestyle on ‘Chop Up’ with Tallie Spencer to discuss becoming the go-to guy for hooks, importance of family, importance of consistency, Snoop Dogg comparing him to Nate Dogg and why Eminem is his dream collaboration.

Tallie Spencer: Which of these artists have you not done a song with, as a feature: Babyface, Fatty Wap, Eminem or French Montana?

Ty Dolla Sign: I have not done a song with Eminem yet. Which I would love to. He’s the GOAT for sure.

Tallie Spencer: You think you ever see that happening in future?

Ty Dolla $ign: Yeah. I always said like the only rapper that I think is better than Eminem is Slim Shady. [Laughs] So for sure it will happen. What’s up Em? Holla at me.

You can watch the interview below: