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Martha Stewart reveals Eminem refused to visit her Daily Show




In a new interview, Martha Stewart opened up to People Magazine about that famously celebrated pool selfie, her relationship with hip-hop music and even her had times in prison. She also revealed that she had many rappers on her “The Daily Show” but there was only one who would not come.

“Rap had always interested me. That kind of poetry really resonates with me. I listen to the words, although some of them might be pretty hard to take. Early on I started inviting rappers to my daily show. I had Snoop Dogg, Puff Diddy, Usher among others.”

“The only one that would not come was Eminem. I still have not met Eminem, and that is just ridiculous.” says the lifestyle guru.

You can read the full new interview here. Also check out her old interview about Eminem below: