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WATCH: Legendary Treach says Eminem is his ‘light-skined twin’




Legendary rapper Treach from the legendary hip-hop group Naughty By Nature, has recently done an interview with Fat Joe on Instagram. Treach talked about Tupac, Biggie, Queen Latifah, Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent.

Fat Joe: Eminem said that you are his favorite rapper, what does that feel like when you got somebody so lyrical, a GOAT like Eminem saying you are his favorite rapper?

Treach: “That’s my light-skined brother. I mean, it makes me feel like I did my job. Anybody that I admire, all the fans and the millions of records and the tours worldwide and everything. It shows like we did something so when you hear from that caliber, it just humbles you. We kick it back and forth. Eminem for his birthday, my birthdays, we’d be kicking in it. So It is like mutual respect, you feel me? He is one of the dopest of all times, hands down. And It shows how the culture is so great. It brings everybody together. All races. Hip-Hop brings everybody together. So that is my bro-bro. I love Em.”

“That’s my light-skined brother. He is one of the dopest of all times, hands down.” – Treach (November 12, 2020)

Eminem has named Treach as one of his idols while growing up so watching the video below might be the double satisfaction for the fans: