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Papoose: “It would be an honor to work with Eminem”




New York rapper Papoose has recently set down  Gray Rizzy’s to promote his new album “Endangered Species.” The two also talked about Eminem. When Rizzy asked about his dream collaboration, here is what Papoosa responded:

“Oh, man. I can not say it’s come close but I actually did meet Eminem before, you know what I’m saying. I met him when we did the BET performance and you know just being a fan of his lyricism, I was surprised he knew who I was, you know what I mean, ‘yo what’s up Pap,’ that’s somebody I would love to work with, I would love to do a track with him, that would be like an honor, I could scratch that off my bucket list, you know what I mean. Real talk.”

“I always buy all his albums. I make sure I buy them. And when Eminem is working on albums I noticed that he just reaches out to random artists and like ‘Yo I want you on a hook.’ You do not have to be a big artist. So I am like ‘Yo man, my phone is open brother. I would love to get that call bro. Real talk.”

Watch the interview below: