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Tech N9ne talks Eminem’s “Tobey”, meeting him first time when making “Anthem” & more



Eminem / Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne has recently sat down with Anthony Ray on his podcast where Kansas City, Missouri-born hip-hop legend gave high praise to Eminem, talked about meeting Slim Shady for the first time during “Anthem” video shoot, Eminem making Jason mask popular and more.

“People trying to give me stuff Jason, I’ve watched all the Friday 13th, I love it all, but Eminem is Jason. So they trying to give me Jason stuff they supposed to give it to Eminem, they give me Michael Myers stuff, Krayzie Bone is Leatherface, Bushwick Bill was Chucky. I’ve been Michael Myers for decades. Eminem has always had…even in his new song with BabyTron and Big Sean, he had f–king mask on with a chainsaw and greater said he did it first. He made it popular. I have not heard the new song yet. I’ve been in the studio trying to get as many songs I can get before I go for my wedding in Puerto Rico.” said Tech N9ne.

Then he continued: “When I did “Anthem”, it was my first time meeting a lot of people that I f–king listened to when I was coming up. I met KRS-1 that day. I met Kool G Rap that day. I met Eminem face to face that day. When I was walking in to do my part, him and his crew they all had big a-s leather jackets and they were coming out like ‘what’s up brother, how you doing.’ I’m like ‘I’m about to shoot my s–t. We are going to do it real soon bro.’ He said ‘yes we are.’ Next time I talked to him was on the phone. He was doing the bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a bar. I was busy doing something and Grant Rice called me and put Eminem on the phone and he said to me ‘you f–king killed it on the Anthem.’ I said ‘look who the f–king talking bro.’ It took 10 years for Speedom to happen after that.”

“Battle Eminem? We are allies man. Some people say Tech’s better than Eminem but I say Tech is different than Eminem. Eminem is f–king meticulous with the words, not saying I’m not but he’s super witty as well. When I look at a lyricist from Rakim all the way up to now, I know from Kool G Rap to Crooked I to Royce to Chino XL, Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, we pay attention to people who take it that extra mile when it comes to rhyming words, Eminem is at the top of that game. When it come to how I’ve been seeing motherf–kers work words and s–t and that’s not taking away from none of all the people, the names I named are right there with it. I’m saying I’m different than Eminem and we are allies. We are all gang-related and me and Eminem, I can’t believe I’m saying this, me and Eminem at odds could start some racial s–t. Can start some gang bang s–t. I’m so glad we are allies.” Tech N9ne added.