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Kxng Crooked says Eminem almost jumped on “Beast” song with Tech N9ne & Busta Rhymes




Back in 2015, Tech N9ne landed a big dream collaboration when Kansas City, Missouri-born rapper featured Slim Shady in his song titled “Speedom (WWC3)”.

The same year, in a interview with BET, Tech said Eminem verse did not cost him a penny. According to him, Em only wanted his verse in return.

“Eminem did the verse for nothing but a swap. I was flabbergasted cause I know it cost so much to get Eminem and it’s worth every penny. For him to say, ‘I just want a song from you for this’, that made me feel really beautiful that he felt that way about my music.” said Tech N9ne.

Then he continued: “I haven’t spoken to this guy since the early 2000s or something, and it’s wonderful how that worked out. The fact that he feels like my music is that good that he would wanna do that for me is incredible. For one, do the song for me and then say, ‘No no no, I just want you to give me a song for this’ I’m like ‘Yes!’ That feels so good man”.

Eminem used Tech N9ne’s verse for Southpaw movie soundtracks album on a track called “Beast” (Remix) by Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard, which also featured Kxng Crooked and Busta Rhymes.

In a recent interaction with fans on Twitter, Crooked I revealed that Eminem almost joined the hard-hitting lyrical beast line-up on the track. The Detroit legend has previously collaborated with Kxng Crooked, Tech N9ne and Busta Rhymes in several occasions but the four has never jumped on a track together.

Em came VERY close to hopping on it.” – Kxng Crooked (Feb. 14, 2023 on Twitter)

He also expressed his desire to work with Eminem again by asking fans who would they prefer to produce a song that features Kxng Crooked, Eminem and Tech N9e. Some of the popular replies include Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and Apollo Brown among others.