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Busta Rhymes shows massive love to Eminem



Busta Rhymes / Eminem

In the recent episode of ALL THE SMOKE, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are joined by hip-hop icon, actor, producer, and one of the leaders of rap’s ‘golden age’, Busta Rhymes, for a tell-all sit down about his life and career. Busta shares incredible untold stories about Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Tupac, discusses the origins of speed rapping, reflects on his most iconic songs and details his health journey. Plus, working with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carrey. At one point of the interview, he showed massive love to Eminem.

“I’mma keep it a buck. I don’t think nobody could f–k with Eminem. I’m sorry, Dr. Umar stop it. You wildin’ son. And there is a lot of s–t that Dr. Umar says that I agree with but this is one particular one where you way off the kilt bro. Eminem is the truth bro.” said Busta Rhymes.

Then he continued: “I got a song coming out with an artist that I had to address about his testimonial and opinion on Eminem too. I had to check him on his own song in rhyme form. So y’all stay tuned for that. I’m huge fan of the artist that I made a record with… Now that being said, Kendrick is my favorite, Eminem is my favorite, Talib Kweli, Luda’s one of my faovrites. Smino, JID, J. Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross. I got way too many favorites. Rakim is is one o my favorites, Kane, Slick Rick, KRS-1, Chuck D.

“Eminem brings best out of me. I did a song with Eminem called ‘Calm Down.’ I sent him 16 bars. He sent me back 48. You are not doing that to me on my own record. I sent back 54 bars. He sends me back 62. I sent back 68. Who we making a song at this point? We ain’t making a song for consumer. We just battling on a record for seven minutes. They ain’t playing it in the club. They are not going to play it in the radio. We might get satellite radio spins. We might gt some motherf–king blogs talking about this because it’s an eventful moment. But we turned a record that could have been a radio joint into me and you straight straight raw hip-hop. ‘F–k the rules’ moment. Because we love it so much. That the competitive nature we both have forced us to bring the best out of each other. Only dudes like that can cause me to be this way. So I love Em, I love Kendrick and I love Talib Kweli.” Busta Rhymes added.