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Benny Blanco pens heartfelt letter to Eminem & Juice WRLD, Selena Gomez reacts




This month marks four years since emo-rap icon Juice WRLD passed away, who overdosed at age of 21. Plenty of posthumous projects has come out, and there’s still more. A few years ago, we got a collaboration between him and Eminem for “Godzilla,” from Shady’s Music To Be Murdered By album and today there’s another called “Lace It,” produced by Benny Blanco, from Juice’s upcoming album The Party Never Ends.

After the release of the song, Benny Blanco could not hide his emotions and shared it to his followers on Instagram. “People always say things like “this song means a lot to me” or “it changed my life”… when discussing a piece of music they’re listening to… “Lace It” truly gives that a new meaning to me because the day we recorded was also the last time I ever saw Juice… everyday that moment gets further away… and I’d trade this or any other song we did to have him back… I didn’t think I would be crying while writing this but here we are… Jared you are talent that will never be matched… Your laugh and spirit are infectious. I’m gonna play this song so loud. You can hear this in heaven tonight… We miss you.” he said.

The he continued: Marshall, I don’t even know where to start… I remember exactly where I was the first time I saw the video for “My Name Is” it stopped me in tracks… I knew in that very moment that I had to make music and that I was gonna dedicate my entire life to it… You paved the way for people to be different and not feel weird about being an outcast… Both me and Juice wouldn’t be who we are without you… Thank you.”

Selena Gomez, who is the most followed musician on the platform and is reportedly in relationship with the Reston, Virginia-born record producer, commented heart emoji under Benny Blanco’s post. Check out the post below:


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