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Eminem opens up about Juice WRLD collaboration, beef with Snoop Dogg, Rap Critics & more




Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg sat down with Slim Shady for the part two of “Curtain Call 2” interview on Paul Pod podcast where the two talked about how Dr. Dre’s brain Aneurysm played a big role in reconciliation with Snoop Dogg, collaborating with late rapper Juice WRLD, how it frustrates him what people think about his rhymes and much more.

About Snoop Dogg beef

Me and Snoop had our little issue, when that thing happened with Dre, the brain aneurysm, we were like ‘bro this is stupid as hell to be feuding right now.’ I don’t remember if I called him or he called me but we talked it out and I think there was a miscommunication in regards to him being on my album Marshall Mathers LP2 on a track “B**ch Please II” and he wanted to do something with me again and he gave you [Paul Rosenberg] the idea and he said something like ‘let’s hear what the song sounds first and he took it the way that ‘I don’t f**k with him.’ And I explained to him like ‘bro Doggystyle changed my life.’

About Juice WRLD

We had been talking about Juice WRLD for a while. And we just wanted to do something with him. We liked his freestyles over my instrumentals. It was crazy. I had a different hook on “Godzilla” and never was really crazy about it. I had verses and that was the reason we asked him for the hook. He sent us two things that were great and the first one was that Monster hook. I was like ‘holy s**t.’

About Rap Critics

It’s frustrating when you do something technically and people who think they know what hip-hop is about start giving opinions on it. They don’t hear what the f**k you doing. If I rhyme entire f**king sentence, every syllable hit, they would literally think that at the end of it I was rhyming ‘back’ and ‘cat’ because they skipped over 30 other syllables. They don’t understand that there is art to that. Kool G Rap has done it so well, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, there is an art to that. We [me and critics] are not listening with same ears.