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Cole Bennett brings Slim Shady back on Juice WRLD & Cordae’s new single “Doomsday”




Juice WRLD has just released another posthumous collaboration. This time, Chicago, Illinois-born rapper teamed up with Cordae.

As part of this collaboration, Lyrical Lemonade has released its debut single titled “Doomsday,” from their upcoming album called LL1* releasing later this year. The track features a highly anticipated and previously unreleased collaboration between Juice WRLD and Cordae. The music video also features Eminem deepfake and his iconic intro from “Role Model” song, produced by Dr. Dre: “Okay, I’m going to attempt to drown myself, You can try this at home, You can be just like me.”

Both Cole Bennett and Cordae built up anticipation for the release through social media posts. This includes the interesting short film “whyrush?” directed by Bennett.

“Doomsday” is a captivating track that brings together the Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae and the late Juice WRLD. It features their skillful wordplay and thought-provoking verses. They are set to music over the iconic Dr. Dre-produced beat of Eminem’s “Role Model.”

The song showcases both rapper’s distinct style in a powerful collaboration. The accompanying music video was, of course, directed by Cole Bennett. It creates a visually stunning spectacle, utilizing technology to seamlessly transform Cordae into Juice WRLD and vice versa.

You can watch  the video below: