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BTS pass Eminem with their new No. 1 hit song




With their most recent track, “Take Two,” BTS has once again dominated the US Billboard charts and reclaimed the top spot in the Digital Song Sales list.

Thanks to an incredible 31,000 pure sales in the US, the song rapidly debuted at No. 1. This accomplishment give them the place among the selected few artists who have accomplished such a milestone, as well as making it their eleventh chart-topper on the Digital Song Sales chart.

Some of the biggest names in the music business, such as Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Eminem, have now been eclipsed by BTS, breaking their tie with these legendary figures. All four acts had 11 No. 1 songs on the Digital Song Sales chart prior to this week, putting them on a same level.

The K-pop heavyweights have now gained ground with “Take Two,” at least temporarily because any of their fellow chart-toppers could suddenly make a surprise comeback, especially Eminem, who has not released new music for more than 3 years.

BTS is now in 6th place on the ranking of artists with the most No. 1 hits in the history of the Digital Song Sales chart. Leading the pack by a significant margin is Taylor Swift, who has reached the pinnacle with an astounding 26 different tracks.

She is followed by Nicki Minaj with 15 tracks who has recently surpassed Rihanna, currently holding steady in third place with 14 chart-toppers. Directly ahead of BTS on the leaderboard are both Drake and Justin Bieber, each with an impressive 13 No. 1 hits.