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Jessie Reyez tells funny story about meeting Eminem for the first time




Ebro In The Morning has recently sat down with Jessie Reyez on HOT97 to discuss a variety of topics including finding her self identity, decision to slow down drinking, the process writing her book, relationships, affirmations she uses, and also shares a funny story about meeting Eminem and Beyoncé for the first time.

“I was f–king nervous as hell. There are only two people that I’ve ever met where I had to center myself and not freak out. And Em is one of them. The other one is Beyoncé.” said Jessie Reyez.

Then she continued: “[When I met Eminem] That was funny cause I didn’t realize when we met I hugged and make sounds like ‘huuh’. Audibly exhaled in a very f–king ridiculous way. But it was just genuine. I was really excited.”

“It always resonated with me that he has always been very f–king himself. And very honest. Whether right or wrong, very honest. And at the very least when someone can be that there’s a level of respect that I feel is due because a lot of people in this world f–king can’t be that. Or are scared to be that. So, in that way I resonated in childhood nostalgic ways cause I remember 8 Mile and f–king seeing this middle finger with the two fingers down and thinking this s–t is lit. And being in theater like ‘yoo, I wanna f–king rap.’ It was awesome being in the room with f–king legend.” she added.

You can watch the interview below: