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Payroll weighs in on Icewear Vezzo calling out Eminem




Payroll Giovanni has recently sat down with Adam22 on No Jumper podcast where the young Detroit rapper shared his thoughts about his fellow hip-hop artist Icewear Vezzo calling out Eminem for not paying attention to his hometown’s young generation.

Back in 2020, during the conversation with HipHopDX, Vezzo said: “We were never in touch with Eminem. In the hood, in our ghettos and s–t, back when he first came out yeah, Eminem was like a hero for us. So we expected to see him, to be able to touch him, and we’re like ‘yeah we got somebody that got out from Detroit. This about to go down, he opened the gates up.’ But it didn’t go that way. We always wanted Em to play the position that Royce Da 5’9″ played but he doesn’t, so he’s not a hero for us no more. Royce Da 5’9″ is like the president of the Marshall Mathers Foundation, and he’s from the hood. You’re able to see him, he going to come out. He f–ked with ni–as and he reached out, he checked on us, he’d pull up to the studio, he’d pull up to the club. We can call and he pulling right up. Royce the real OG man.”

Laster year, Vezzo chopped it up with Charlamagne on Breakfast Club where he explained that people misunderstood what he said about Eminem: “At the end of the day, it was misunderstanding. As a fan, I love Eminem music. I grew up listening to Eminem when I was shorty. I got real love for Royce. One thing about Royce is, he’s always show love to us, always supports us. He always shouted out. He does everything he can to help us out. He really do. I can’t take that away from Royce. But s–t, it is what it is. We don’t know Eminem. We don’t know hommie. I don’t know anybody that ever met him. Ever seen him. “I think Royce and Em kinda get impression that we feel like homies owe us something. But it’s not that. Everything ain’t always about a favor or money. I think they taking it wrong way. We just saying, you are legend! you are GOAT. You are big! Bro, we are you! We want to see! Can we get knowledge?! Can we get some gang? Can we get some motherf–king motivation?! Anything. That’s what we all asking for. We are not speaking from the standpoint as like ‘bro you gotta sign us. You owe us some money.’ We are not saying that way and I believe Royce and Em may be taking it that way. So it is a big misunderstanding.”

Yesterday, Payroll shared his thoughts on the matter: “I don’t know man. That’s his business. I f–ed with Eminem growing up. He had everybody proud. Damn, he from the D! He was going! He was with Dr. Dre! I ain’t looking at it like he supposed to put us on.”

You can watch Payroll and No Jumper interview below: