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Icewear Vezzo describes meeting Eminem backstage at 50 Cent’s Detroit show




Detroit’s own Icewear Vezzo has recently sat down with Kid L where the two talked about many topics, including Vezzo meeting Eminem backstage at 50 Cent’s Final Lap Tour in Detroit, after the little misunderstanding that happened between the two.

“It was like normal, organic. 50 had tapped in and asked me to come out at the show. He ain’t telling nobody Em was going to be there or nothing. Right before I got on stage I had seen him walking out. We literally bumped to each other and we just had quick conversation. Chopped it up. I told him it’s all love and it’s all respect. Obviously I know he done seen some s–t that I said and the s–t all of us said.” said Icewear Vezzo.

Then he continued: “So, I just wanted to kind of get him understand what I meant. I was waiting for that moment to be able to express how I really felt cause it was never no situation where we felt like dude owed us anything. He don’t owe nobody s–t. He done did what he had to do for Detroit. That’s why we got people like D12 and Royce 5’9″ and all that. It was just more of a situation like with me and Em, we grew up on the same exact block, when same exact high school. Not at the same time but still our backgrounds kind of similar to a certain extent.”

“I’ve been rapping for so long like I’ve been fighting for staying in the game for years and I’ve been through hell and back and I know he heard of me, he heard all of us, so for me, every time I see one of the young ni–as coming up, I always try to reach out to them and I tap in, what’s up, what you need, a verse? a video? Whatever I can do, let me know, however I can enhance whatever it is you got going on, let me know, I see you, keep going, you doing what you need to do, and a lot of times that s–t go far with a person. For people that I looked up to and respected on the rap side of things just to say that they see me, that s–t would mean a lot. So, I just felt like, not that we was entitled to that, I just thought it was right to do, it would have been a good gesture.” Icewear Vezoo added.

You can watch the interview below: